Thailand 2016-17

The 28 photos that follow this small intro, are just a small part of my experiences these last 3 beautiful months in Thailand. First in Bangkok for a few days, then in the infamous Lahu Village for 3 courses and 36 days of incredible learning in total, and finally Pai, while dropping in and out of Chiang Mai in between.

This blog was created a long time ago that seems even longer when thinking who i was when i created it. Its content could be considered obsolete and not quite matching the present.

However, i m not keen of doing an Instagram and this blog is the only place i can think of, to share some of the stuff i ve been doing with all my friends back home or anywhere in this world. Plus, i find it always interesting to take a look at the fragemnts of one’s (own or not) ‘previous’ life(s), watching the path and evolution (or decadence).

Unfortunately, some of the best photos i couldnt upload, coz the 2MB limit from the server for each photo prooved to be small.

You can also find a couple of videos at

I m writing this small intro on March the 2nd, just 48 hours before i leave Thailand for India.
Time here has flown so smoothly, i needed to fall all day in bed with tsirlipipi in order to find some time for uploading.

Many of you i miss a lot, but in a way the thinking of back home doesnt seem to me so exciting at the moment.

Lots of love,

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